Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Katie and Molly (The Girls Turn 4!)

Holy crap! Can you believe it? Could they really be 4? These beautiful tiny babies?
Now they're 4?!?!?!

The girls had a couple different parties for groups of friends. They had a birthday party scheduled for the park, but the rain made us move it to Chuck E Cheese (big bummer for them...not). Their chosen theme being "My Little Pony."

They had a family party at home. The chosen theme being "Hello Kitty."
Then they had the party they had waited for. On a trip to Claire's Jewelry in the mall to get spray for their dance recital, the cashier had mentioned they do birthday parties. Mind you, this was about 3 weeks before their birthday....well, the girls absolutely fell in love with the idea. They were allowed to invite one person each and then they invited their mutual friend and neighbor Camden. They were so excited to get their makeup done, get their nails painted, tattoos put on, and pick out prizes. So much fun!

Molly claimed she could not turn 4 until Camden placed a crown on her head. This was imperative. The Claire's party actually happened a week after her actual birthday, but she wouldn't say she was 4 until she had been crowned. And the moment it happened, the joy was clear. Thanks Camden for being their prince!

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