Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lake Day 2013

Towards the end of summer, we rented a boat with my brother and his family. It was one of the best days I've had in a long time. The smile on the kids' faces says it all. Molly skied on Uncle Adam's shoulders, and the boys both got up on skiis. All four kids went tubing and absolutely loved it!

Thomas and Abby tubing!

The cousins all show their great form! (Thomas-7, Molly-4, Macey-7, Katie-4, Joshua-7, Natalie 18 months, Abby- 10, Macey-7)
 Joshua up and skiing. Look at that face!
 Katie was so comfortable tubing. She even had time to wave!
 "No hands" Thomas!
 Thomas up on skiis!
 Molly riding on Adam's shoulders!
 Joshua getting ready to ski.

 Thomas working on getting up. Don't be fooled. I bribed them with Pok√©mon cards part-way through these attempts because they were ready to quit. So glad I bribed them because soon they were up and skiing!
 Natalie and Molly tubing!
 Cousins tubing. Pure joy.
 Joshua can hardly believe he got up! His face was so awesome!

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