Sunday, September 8, 2013


My mom and dad do a timeshare and stay at Stone.ridge every year. And I always take the kids up for a day to do crafts, golf, and swim. It's a favorite summer activity!

Molly LOVED the craft. Painting a piggy bank was a favorite. There was not enough time to complete it to her perfectionist expectations!

Katie and Grandma Patti!

Katie realized she could swim. As in, really swim! She was so proud and worked hard. And then posed. And then swam. And then posed. :)

Grandpa Bob even golfed (9 holes)
Katie golfs just like her daddy. I kid. Kind of.
One of my favorite moments was this one. Grandma and I were watching from the side of the pool. Katie really wanted to practice swimming. Joshua decided to be her instructor and helped her practice swimming back and forth. It was adorable and made my heart swell!

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