Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Yummy yummy turkey. Yummy yummy pies. Life just can't get any better than spending the day with the ones you love and enjoying good food all at the same time.

The boys were so excited for Thanksgiving that Joshua called Uncle Adam and asked if Adam would come pick them up early (he did). The boys absolutely love playing with their cousins and we love adult conversation. :)

Molly and Katie had a quick outfit change so I could take their first Thanksgiving pictures as well as their 7-month pictures. Can you blieve they are 7-months already?!!! Here's what they are up to:

Katie is scooting and army crawling. She gets on her hands and knees but doesn't go much further. She can now sit up and if she happens to fall over she compensates enough I don't have to worry anymore. She jabbers a lot and loves to talk. Still a mama's girl, but I don't mind! :)

Molly is the most content baby ever...unless unhappy. That girl goes from zero to temper in no time flat. She is happy to lay on the floor. Happy to watch football. But don't wash her face off or wipe her nose. If she's tired, she lets you know. She is so easy, we just walk in, cover her with a blanket and she rolls over and goes to sleep. Love it! She is a total daddy's girl and is so happy daddy is finally home.

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