Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Choice

It's my choice what to remember, right?

From this day I have many things I choose to remember. I choose to remember the loves from Katie. She loves to grab (see PINCH) my cheeks, pull me close, and open mouth suck my cheek. Her form of a kiss. Totally adorable, and totally something I want to remember.

I choose to remember Molly's giggles as Thomas tickled her and played with her when he and she were both suppose to be sleeping.

I choose to remember watching the Veteran's Day special with music with the boys and discussing the different branches of the military and daddy's part in it. I choose to remember the story that followed where Thomas was on a boat and some mean guys came. But those sailors saved him. He knew I wanted to see him another day, so he didn't die. I choose to remember his little voice and the way he told the story.

I choose to remember Joshua's jokes of the day. "Knock knock. Who's there? Molly the interrupting cow...Molly the inter....MOO!"

I choose to remember those moments. Etch them slowly into my brain.

I do not choose to remember some of the other moments. Such as Thomas peeing out the back door on to the steps and thus creating a huge wet pee mess on the back patio (thankfully it's cement and will get washed away with rain). I choose not to remember the crying fit that Joshua had because he couldn't use the dump truck and he wanted to use the dump truck and yes Thomas had it first but he WANTED to use it so why can't he use it right now he wants it so bad right now. I choose not to remember that. I choose not to remember the mess in the playroom that took us an hour to clean up (or took me). I choose not to remember that Thomas and Joshua enjoyed a can of shaving cream, a roll of toilet paper and a running sink all at the same time upstairs while I dealt with the girls downstairs. I choose NOT to remember those moments.

So go away crazy moments of raising four kids. Stay you moments of sweetness, happiness, and just plain well-being. It is MY choice, right? :)

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