Thursday, January 7, 2010

Swimming and More

Last night we took the kids and went swimming at the YMCA. Not sure what incited this crazy idea, but it was more of an adventure than anticipated. The sheer logistics are overwhelming. Shoving all six of us into a family restroom and trying to get all six of us in swimsuits (usually we go IN our swimsuits so no changing is necessary but this time Dan and I worked out first) was kind of a nightmare. Not being able to put the girls down on the yucky floor makes it just that much harder. It ended up that the boys and I changed first and then we all changed the girls and then we went to the pool while Dan changed. Not too bad.

Swimming itself was fantastic. Not enough hands for a camera, so no pictures, sorry! Katie is a little water bug and loves it. As soon as I stood her in the water she started kicking and wanted to be sitting or crawling in it at all times. Molly was more timid until we got to the warm (92 degrees) therapy pool and then that girl was all over it. They both got the obligatory dunk to get use to the water. Molly was not even phased, Katie was ticked that we dare put her under with her consent. Both then swam and kicked the rest of the time. The boys always enjoy the water and with life vests are very independent. We recently discovered that Joshua CAN swim without one, but is not yet trustworthy. Especially with all four kids in the water.

Getting out was again nearly disastrous. How to stay dry?!! Eventually I changed and took the girls out and changed them in the viewing area while the boys and Dan changed. Seriously, who thought we could do this?! And why do we think we'll do it again...SOON! :)

In other news, Katie is easily crawling everywhere. Standing and holding onto everything and talking up a storm. That girl likes to sing and will even bob to the music when it's on. She continues to be a mama's girl, but is getting better for short periods of time.

Molly is CRAWLING! As of yesterday. She, too, is trying to pull herself up on everything. She's still an easy baby, but gets very angry if her needs aren't met immediately. She got her first bloody nose yesterday as she toppled over and bonked her face on the floor. With her extremely snotty nose and blood, it was quite a mess. (Doesn't help that at the exact same time I was trying to change my clothes, Katie spit up on the floor and was playing in it, and Joshua had used the bathroom and needed immediate assistance). Oh the joy of multiple multiples.

Here's to another day and more adventures!
Oh yeah, the girls are 8 months now! Here's a picture!

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