Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Left...And We Survived!

Our first vacation as a family of 6 and we survived! We left Friday night after Dan got off work. A wise move on our part. We stopped only once for a feeding session, stretching, and potty break. We stayed with Dan's cousin and wife and had just a fantastic time!

We spent Saturday at the Seattle Aquarium. What a real treat! The boys (well really, all of us) enjoyed petting starfish and other sea creatures. If you ask the boys, they will tell you that their favorite part was making whale sounds and recording them. What a great day!

Sunday we walked down to the Ballard Locks. We met Dan's cousin, Carlene, who also has a set of twins. We got to see several boats go up and down in the locks and then explored the fish ladder. I will admit that before having kids, I loved dams and things of that nature. Now? It just plain makes me nervous!We DID have a great time though!

Monday we spent the entire day with my brother, Eric, and his wife and kiddos. The boys were in hog heaven. A beautiful day in Seattle meant that the kids could play outside. They couldn't have been happier and were just sad to leave when the time came.

We left Tuesday morning and made a major stop at North Bend and then trudged on home. One stop in Moses Lake and we pulled in around dinner time. Aside from Katie's 102 degree temperatures, it was a very successful trip. The boys are already asking to go back!

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