Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Really? Almost a year? Already? Where are my babies? Luckily they are very snuggly so I'm still getting my loves...for now.

What are the girls up to at 10 months?

Katie- A real go-getter, as long as mama is nearby. She likes to sing. She plays the recorder by putting it to her mouth and humming. Adorable. She is just starting to climb. Everything. I find her on chairs now...I'm in so much trouble. While she has taken steps, she now refuses to even stand unless we ignore her. She is an excellent cruiser though. She loves to laugh. If you fake laugh at her, she'll fake laugh back at you. So funny.

Molly- The girl with the temper. Generally happy, but cross that girl and she will let you know. She has a squeal and screech that will bring you to a halt. I'm learning to ignore some of it, but I still run many a times just to see that she dropped her shoe. Speaking of shoes, she has a shoe fetish. She has some maroon Mary Janes that she is in love with and will bring them to me if we are getting ready to leave. She is constantly saying "dada" and "no no no no no" but no "mama" yet. She is extremely sturdy if standing. She will stand and sign "all done" and cry because she doesn't know how to get down. So cute! She now has 1 tooth through and another one on the way. 3 seconds ago, I stopped and gave both girls some frozen pees to gnaw on because their gums hurt so badly. Poor kiddos.

Both girls love to be outside. They love to swing and be in the wagon but are just as thrilled to be let loose on dirt or grass and play with the boys.

Can you believe it will be their first birthday in 2 months? I can't.

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