Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Said That Outloud????

Yes I did. I actually looked at Dan this morning and said, "I don't know the last time Molly pooped." You might think I'm mortified at the fact that we were discussing the poop schedule of our child. In fact, I am mortified by what has transpired today because I uttered those words out loud.

It began simply. I dressed the girls in the most adorable outfits. A onesie, with leggings over, with a skirt over, and a t-shirt. Many many layers. Only to realize 15 minutes later that Molly had pooped all the way up her back and on to her neck. A pain, but no big deal. Until I got Molly naked, completely bathed with wipes to see Katie doing her darn-dest to get into the poopy diaper. Priorities take place and I swoop the diaper and quickly get it to the garbage only to return to Molly peeing on the floor. Seriously? Quickly she is again wiped up and placed in a diaper. The moment isn't over though. The odor lingers and as I check my hands I realize it's Katie. She's pooped. All the way up her back and into her hair, there-by taking out her entire outfit as well. A quick change and that girl is ready to go. I'd like to say it's over, but it's not. Mere hours later as I read books to the girls on the floor of the living room, I realize my jeans are wet. Why? Katie has once again pooped out her onesie, up to her neck, and down her legs on to my pants. Another diaper change and hopefully we are through it for now.

The cute outfits? In the sanitize portion of the washing cycle right now. I did manage to grab a few shots for their 10-month post though! I have learned. Keep your mouth shut!

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Jolene said...

Wow!!! Quite a day for the Domrese girls. :P

Those really ARE adorable outfits, hooray for washing machines!