Friday, April 23, 2010

How Far Does CUTE Carry You?

How far will cute carry you? How far can you go that cute won't cut it anymore? I think we found out today.

You see, today was the day to do the girls' one year pictures. We tried somewhere new, that was something I should have anticipated being more difficult. We have a picture taking routine. The boys are familiar with it; this is good. Today? Not so good. Katie was her usual self: attached, clingy, and whining. She was not thrilled with a stranger taking her picture. Molly, on the other hand, loved the camera and the attention. She would've posed all day long.

We DID get several pictures of the girls and some of the boys. The girls were obsessed with these little balls (a football, a basketball, and a soccer ball). So I had the boys take them to the side so we could attempt pictures without them. This meant Thomas lobbed them to the wall and caught them. He was doing a fairly good job, so I went and confirmed with him that he keep it under control and low to the ground. My bad. I turn back to the pictures just in time to hear the most horrific crash. That was the sound of a ball hitting a huge framed picture on the wall and the glass shattering upon hitting the floor. Are you kidding me?! Humiliated. Horrified. Nothing seems to cover the feeling at that moment. All kids were immediately removed from the vicinity (Thomas was placed in a chair for time out the rest of the session). We finished up photos and moved on.

Thankfully the photographer was very understanding. Thomas will be writing an apology letter tomorrow and delivering it himself. Man, that kid. At least he's cute, right?!

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