Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Parade That Rains Candy?

Yesterday we took a little day trip down to St. John to view the stock show and parade. Basically a small towns yearly festivities. It's an easy way for me to see lots of my former students and some great friends including past parents and coworkers. Yesterday was W-I-N-D-Y! We peeked at the animals, jumped in a jumpy castle, and looked at the arts and crafts. Then we headed to my favorite part...the parade.

There is nothing better than a small town parade. I think it cracks Dan up a little since he is so use to the Spokane parades. This parade starts with the little kids...all dolled up on bikes and four-wheelers. The kids go up the street and back down, park their vehicles and line the streets to watch the rest of the parade. Then comes the firetrucks, the politicians, the horses, and anyone who wants to be in the parade. Up, to the end of the street, and back down. It's awesome. The best part though is the candy. Spokane doesn't really do candy anymore (except at St. Patrick's Day). Right before the parade started, one of my former students came over and chatted with me and the boys. Thomas immediately thought he was awesome and decided to join him (across the street) when the parade started. Joshua stayed on our side. He was really the only kid in like a 5 foot radius. All of the sudden, the cars were showering our side with candy. Joshua was just being pelted with handfuls. He was in heaven. Awe. He just stood there and looked around wondering what to do. I wish I could've gotten a picture. At one point, I ran across the street, grabbed Thomas and made him come help pick up candy with Joshua. It was awesome! Seriously, the best parade ever!!!

And, another awesome moment is that Thomas got a little independence. Seriously, letting your 4-year old go across the street to grab candy with a bunch of 7+ year olds is a little stressful. What if he gets too far in the street? What if he forgets to get OUT of the street? Well, small town, people. Not only do I have the comfort of any other adult, but the parade itself will stop. This was evidenced when about 3 little girls neglected to back up and kept going further and further into the street until they were picking up candy from the center of the road. The parade stopped, they waited, the girls got all their candy, got out of the way, and the parade continued. No one said anything, no one cared. We just waited (well, we picked up candy too). And Thomas got to be with the big kids and get candy all by himself. A neat moment for him.

The only picture I managed to take? Katie, realizing the boys were busy with candy collection, walked over to their lunch box and snagged an apple, sat down on the curb and ate it, so proud of herself. :)

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The Butterfields said...

That's why I LOVE to spend our summers in MN, especially over the 4th of July (and 1st of July, which is Canada Day). Small town, and parades, are the best!!