Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Year

It's amazing to think where we were one year ago. Amazing. I was ready to beg my way out of pregnancy only to find that I was in active labor. Almost this time exactly, my doctor was telling me to go home and come back later for a c-section. The nerves, oh the nerves!

Molly Joanne, born at 9:20 at 5#7. Now, nearing 19 pounds and walking nearly everywhere. She's a singer and a dancer. She talks constantly. She has at least 4 teeth with more on the way. Molly enjoys playing outside, eating all night long, and reading. She is a daddy's girl. Daddy can solve all her problems. If she's happy, she's the life of the room. If she's mad, you can't hear anything but her screams.

Kaitlyn Ruth, born at 9:22 at 6#14. Now, nearing 20 pounds and not only walking but attempting running (unsuccessfully). This girl figures things out quickly. She loves to climb but has figured out how to get down safely. Her hair makes everyone think she's a lot older than she is. She loves to talk and her newest word is 'bider' (spider). She is very capable of communicating her needs and wants to be in the middle of all the action.

Can you believe it's been a year? I'd like to say I'm sad, but that first year is soooo hard. We are just entering my most favorite stage! As I sit here the girls are roaming around the playroom playing with potato head pieces and chasing the boys. They are independently playing, happy, and smile at me constantly. I love it. I miss the small babies (a little). I miss what we hoped having a small baby would be like, the idealistic part. I miss the few quiet moments of snuggles and loves. But I wouldn't go back to that for the world of me. These one year olds are pretty incredible. They melt my heart with loves and hugs.

Happy birthday baby girls.


Carissalayla said...

oh my I LOVE the first year of life and would have 3 more kids if they only stayed under age 1 forever!

Domrese Family Blog said...

You love the first year because you never had twins! So much work. So tiring. So little time to enjoy the good times. I'm enjoying them now though!