Monday, January 31, 2011


Because it is my favorite story (now) I looked back in my blog to relive it. How did I not blog this? Maybe it was before I started blogging? Anyway, there is no way I should ever forget this story, so I want to make sure it's written down.

The boys must've been about 2 1/2  maybe 3 years old. They were "suppose" to be napping. Instead I heard the giggling. You know that giggling? The giggly that means not only are they up to something, but you are too late. This instinct proved correct. I opened the door to see them standing on top of their dresser peeing into the fan to make it spray everywhere. Every mom has two choices at this point. A) Walk in and immediately begin the consequence process and stop the action, B) Walk away...just walk away. I chose B. It was too late, I did not want to wear any of that pee, so I walked away. When it got quiet again I went in.

We did discuss the consequences and decisions made that naptime. But wait, it gets better.

Part of their punishment was that they had to wipe down their entire room. Seriously, it was covered in pee! They each got a soapy bucket and a wet cloth. They proceeded to walk around the room, "Is this your pee or my pee?" "Nope, that's your pee." They conversed over the areas they were cleaning and whose pee it actually was.

I had to keep myself from giggling....a little.

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