Sunday, February 6, 2011

Everybody Sing it Y-M-C-A!!!!

We love the YMCA! It's a great family outing on night's when the kids have too much energy. Plus, the boys are training for a triathalon, so this is a great place to practice swimming! In the past, the visit to the Y has been too much for our family. With the girls crawling or barely walking, changing in a family changing room, or even splitting up the kids, was too stressful. The fear of germs, cracked heads, and lost children, was just too much. Now that the girls are older, it's soooooo much easier! And all the kids LOVE it! Look at the faces of glee! (On a side note- There WOULD be pictures of the boys, but they immediately run off and play on the play structure and not only does my camera not take great pictures from far away in low-lighting, but they SPLASH me!!!!!). :)

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Worthy Family said...

That doesn't look like burning off energy. That looks like they are sitting in the hot tub! :)