Monday, February 7, 2011

Ice Skating Class

Thomas is taking an ice skating class and is loving it. So far he's done two drop-in classes and next week starts his weekly lessons. He is actually doing really well! It's so fun to watch. I was expecting him to get frustrated, but he doesn't. His hopes is that he will then move into hockey. I'm not really a hockey/football mom so we'll see where we go from here!


Nicole said...

He looks confident on those skates! Good for him. Good for you to let him try it.

Domrese Family Blog said...

Thanks Nicole! It's very much out of my comfort zone. I had to go learn how to ice skate last week so I felt comfortable with him on the ice. This is uncharted territory for us. Leave it to the boys to choose sports that we have no idea about. Neither of us skated or danced. :