Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh Snowy Day!

Lately we have been spoiled with some beautiful weather. The reality check was given last night. Snow. About 10 inches. So grateful I went grocery shopping a couple days ago and am pretty stocked up. We did however get in snowsuits and head outside to enjoy this weather. Did I say enjoy? I meant enjoy the snow once we got outside.

Getting four children in proper attire and out the door in a reasonable amount of time using only nice words is sometimes (always) a challenge. The boys are pretty good but still need help zipping their jackets and getting gloves tucked in. The girls, however, are always a challenge.

And, the snow is so deep they can hardly walk without falling. The Domrese rule (apparently) is to run into the yard as far as you can and faceplant so that mommy has to run in her regular shoes, sans socks, and save the poor child. Katie wins the award for this in 2011. Molly loves the snow. Molly loves to be outside. And the boys are just plain happy to be moving!

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