Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011

I felt like this: AWFUL! I explained to the doctor that I felt like "poop." I had the first headache (what I would classify to be a migraine) in about 10 years. We Richards' don't get headaches. The nausea, etc that followed was awful. To the point where midway through the morning I had all shoes accounted for and wondered if I had sent Thomas to school shoeless (I hadn't). Luckily the headache subsided. My bloodwork came back normal and if I'm good for a couple days I get to move on with life. Because of some other unlisted symptoms, if I'm still feeling "poopy" in a few days I get to have a brain scan.

I did manage to get our Valentine's Day pictures though! When the kids were little (I'll have to add pictures later), I would put them on my quilt from grandma with hearts as a tradition. They are on this quilt, there are just too many big kids now!

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