Sunday, February 27, 2011

Broken Rules

Seems we have broken a lot of rules in the last year. Broken bones. Stitches. And now the worst of all...puking. You have to be kidding me. We have a steadfast rule of no puking in this household. And if you have to puke, do it once in the toilet or bathtub and be done. Apparently these rules were not made clear enough.

Molly woke us up at 4:00 AM. When I pulled her out of her crib, I realized she was wet. Thankfully it was dark so I couldn't see anything and move straight into sympathy puking. As soon as I took a second, I realized the smell in the room was unlike that of a wet diaper. Instantly Dan was called and I vacated the area. Molly was a mess. The chunks were in her hair. So, at 4 AM we took a shower. She cried.

After redressing and changing sheets we were good to go. Molly wanted to "nuggle" (snuggle) and Katie went back to bed. While snuggling Molly gave the sign (saying "yucky") and heaved a few times into a blanket. After that she seemed to be better off.

Dan took the boys to Sunday School and I stayed home with both girls who were running fevers. Molly came over and grabbed her neck and immediately puked all over the slipcover on the couch. After she was cleaned up and the couch was taken care of we did a little more snuggling. She then again grabbed her neck and said, "yucky" and puked all over my Sunday paper. At that point I called Dan and put him on stand-by to return home.

After a bath and some new pajamas, the girls were good to go again. We managed the rest of the day without puke. I cannot believe I survived it without puking myself. A miracle. Or a sign I'm getting older. Either way I'd like to call this the end of the rule breaking. From now on we are a rule-following family.

**Sorry no pictures to accompany this post. I was too busy cleaning up puke and washing loads and loads of laundry. Plus, you don't want those pictures to be taken!

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Michelle said...

I know you plan on this not happening again ;) but you need a puke bucket. It's so much better to have to dump and rinse a bucket than to have to clean up the couch, the floor, the bedding. Of course, the first puke is always a mess, but after the initial episode I'm usually on high alert, bucket at the ready, for any weird throat noises or facial expressions that might mean the next is coming. So sorry your rule was broken -puking is the worst.