Thursday, January 6, 2011

Molly Eats!!!!

Molly is not known as an eater. There are very few things I've ever been able to even get her to eat. She will drink chocolate milk, from Costco, out of the specific containers. She will eat pancakes. That's pretty much about it. Other than that, she nurses. This has been a source of desperation for me as I won't feel comfortable weaning her until she has expanded her food intake.

We blamed the eating issue on me. I'm insanely picky, love bland food, and eat only a handful of items. Then, in the last week, Molly started eating! How did it happen, you might ask? I made homeade chili. That's right, the girl eats chili. Apparently she needs flavor and spices. Who knew? Now we can blame Dan! ;) In our house, you are required a "no thank you bite." That means you take one bite of everything on your plate. If you don't like it, you may say, "No thank you," and eat the rest of your dinner. Even if you've tried a particular food before you are always required one bite. The kids are really good about it. But Molly we realized, is a little different. If the first bite at the table is something she doesn't like, she's done with the meal altogether. She does get that from me. Oops. But now that we know, we start with the good stuff and then try new stuff towards the middle so she's at least eaten something.

Now Molly is an eater! She's just particular. Against all of my being, she wants to eat whole hot dogs, not cut up hot dogs. Whole grapes, not cut up grapes. It kills me. I think I need a trained nurse by my side at all meals. But she's eating! The weaning is still not going well, but I at least feel like she's getting nutrition for once. So glad we've figured out her little quirk! A great mix of mommy and daddy!

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