Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sweet Katie

Have I blogged about Katie's troubles before? I hope so. Here's a brief synopsis.

In April, Katie fell off a very small slide and injured her tailbone. As in cracked/fractured/bruised it. She has been in pain ever since. It's also causing issues with bowel movements. We've tried many medicines and interventions to no avail. The chiropractor has been a saving grace and is doing great things for Katie. Unfortunately, our insurance is not big fans of that. (Thanks Grou.p Hea.lth). So, we are working more intensely on solving the problem instead of just treating it.

The first step was a barium enema (look it up if you must, it's not pleasant). This required Katie to be conciously sedated. The hope was to see if there were any blockages, anything out of place, and to watch the colon work to see if there was any damage. It was very stressful from a mama's point of view. Katie was a real trooper. No food for over 12 hours, an environment that was rather scary (no matter how great a kid's hospital is, it's still scary), and a rather traumatizing experience). She was awesome. I carried her in the hallways (after sedated), they never removed her from my arms (I placed her on the table for the procedure and then snuggled by her head. She never even cried (aside from some bandage removal when removing the tubes). They said she was the best patient this young they'd ever seen. That's my girl!

This is Katie after the procedure.
Prepare yourself for TMI and stop reading if necessary: She did great. When released we were told she would lose a lot of the liquid that they had put into her and that they had gotten most of it out. When we left Katie was a limp noodle, still unable to hold her head up, still unable to stand. About 10 feet out of the office she started crying and pulling into fetal position. I heard the bubbles in her tummy and knew we were in trouble. Those bubbles quickly spilled out of every part of her diaper on to the floor. Nothing I could do. I couldn't put her down, she couldn't support herself. Couldn't clean her (or the floor up). I just stood there. Then a lady saw me and grabbed a nurse. Together we changed her and got her settled again. She still lost more fluid and some of the after affects are taking a toll on her body so we're not out of the woods yet for this procedure even, but I am hoping for the results next week.

If this shows nothing (as it appears) then we move on to an MRI. More concious sedation. Ugh. Wish me luck.

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