Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weddings Weddings Weddings

Apparently September is weddings month. We have had two weekends in a row of weddings. So busy!

The first wedding was Dan's work friend Sarah. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding at sunset. We got a sitter(and by sitter, I mean Grandma Patti) for the children, but this is me with the boys before we left.

The next wedding was Dan's cousin. Family weddings are always a good time. The boys were really excited to dress up. Here's Joshua before going on the dance floor.

Here's Katie taking a break from dancing.

And at weddings you always have to run into someone you know, so here is Joshua dance with his teacher's assistant from last years dance. Joshua and Miss Kylie.

Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Larry

Thomas and the groom (Thomas was so excited that they were wearing the same attire but different colors)

Where was Molly you wonder? Molly is an animal on the dance floor and does not stop for pictures. All pictures of her are blurry! :)

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