Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

What a crazy crazy Halloween! The kids are getting to an age where it's really enjoyable, even *gasp* fun! The boys were both ninjas and the girls were a lion and a monkey. No great pictures of just them, it got too crazy and I forgot. Oops!

Trick or treating at grandma Patti and grandpa Bob's house the night before:
We visited grandma Patti at work and trick or treated through her office:

On Halloween, continued our traditions. We visited greatma when she was at dinner:
We trick-or-treated at grandma Alice's and then had dinner with her:

We then went to the South Hill and really enjoyed walking up and down about  5 blocks with the children. Their buckets were full, Molly was near asleep, we left on a high note with NO CRYING CHILDREN! It's a new era for the Domrese family!

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