Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Wobbly Tooth

We went to the dentist in July, upon checking Thomas' teeth he announced that Thomas would be short a couple teeth the next time we visited.

On November 5th, we were sitting at Luigi's having a family dinner when it happened! Thomas bit into a piece of bread and out that tooth came! At first he was excited, then a little scared at the aspect of losing a body part then excited again!

The tooth fairy had not anticipated this happening (maybe the tooth fairy was in denial?) so she was unprepared. We had decided that each child would get a $2 bill for each tooth. Grandma Dolly would give the kids $2 bills for Easter and Christmas. It was something special she did. We thought this might be a fun way to carry on grandma Dolly's tradition and memory through the generations.

Just last week Thomas lost another tooth! While brushing his teeth! Down the drain it went. Luckily I had somewhat prepared him for the possibility that he might swallow his tooth, so this was not a huge surprise. Again, super excited. And this time the tooth fairy was more prepared!

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