Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Allergic Reaction

We've always known that Joshua reacted to cats. He's clearly allergic. But we weren't for sure on the dog part yet. Now we know for sure. Joshua is also allergic to dogs. The reaction was really slow moving, and we had it well under control, and then it just went downhill fast.

It started off with just a small swollen eye (and yet enough that I took a picture of it)
Then it got splotchy and became clear we were working with an allergy. Benadryl was given.

As the Benadryl kicked in and the allergy got worse we moved to other measures, including a shower...
It then became clear that we needed to go get checked out (at 11:00 PM). Mommy instinct said it was time to go, so Joshua and I took off for the ER. It was only 5 minutes in the ER and Joshua started wheezing and having trouble breathing. We were taken back quickly where Joshua received a massive dose of Benadryl, some steroids, and a breathing treatment.

Much improvement was shown after that and we were released with instructions to do more benadryl once home and another breathing treatment. Phew! However, we are limited as to which houses we can go to. If you have a dog/cat/pet you'll only see us for short periods of time!

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