Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Thomas & Joshua

I'm resigned to the fact that I now have 7-year olds. I guess I was kind of hoping it would never happen and that they would stay little forever.

The boys won a birthday party at a local karate establishment. They were in charge of the guest list, so it included a variety of friends from school and our neighborhood. It was so much fun! The highlights were:

The kararate cake
Hanging out with friends

Cutting the cake with a sword
The group
Then we had our family birthday party (with some added good friends).
 This theme was Angry Birds

The boys had a great party.

We ended the crazy birthday week with a party with our friends from PRESCHOOL. Most of our kids go to the same elementary school, but we as parents, never turn down an excuse to get together!

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