Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Preschool! Preschool?

I had anticipated Katie's transition into preschool being rocky. We even went in before school started to get a feel for the classroom and acclimate a bit.

Here's the rundown of the first day of school. The girls had mixed emotions, excited, scared, anxious, nervous, terrified, excited. ;)

They did great. They played with their buddies. I left and went to the observation room and watched for a bit and then went home. Success!
Ok, so Katie got a little sad. But Molly just grabbed her and helped her out, even if the grab was around the neck. That's just sisterly love, right? :)

The second day was not as pretty. Instead of 90 minutes it's almost a full 3 hours. Katie did not transition well. I had to pry her off my legs and then go to the observation room (and have a little cry myself). I then re-entered, helped her get started and left after she was fine.

The third day was a complete mess. I convinced myself it was better to just leave. So I did. I couldn't even watch from the observation room because her hysteria and crying was making me cry. So I went shopping. When I got back, she was "asleep." Katie does this when she is checking out and can't handle the stress of what is happening. I was not happy. So, we discussed a new plan and goal.

The fourth day, Dan took her. This was not a success. The girl needs her mama.

**Sometimes when Katie has a difficult personality I find that she is actually in pain. So I made an appointment with her chiropractor that afternoon and took her in. Turns out she had three areas that were really off and could be causing her pain. Hmmm.....I wondered if that would make a difference in her preschool experience. It certainly changes her disposition!

Yesterday, I took her again but with the new plan. I helped her transition at her own pace into the classroom. There were a few tears and a little prying from the leg, but she was completely fine. I scooted further and further away from her as the day went on and eventually even left. And she was fine.

So, our next day is Friday (two days from now). We'll continue the new plan and hopefully I can scoot out earlier and earlier as we find what works for Katie. I hope, as I look back later and read this blog, that I am happy I listened to my gut and did the transition this way.

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