Saturday, January 31, 2009

39 Months

The sunny days mean that we are capable of being outside more and that means mommy tends to be on the computer less. :) Not that it's any warmer outside yet! We've finally decided to go and play in the backyard again. This has been difficult since the roof over the back porch is collapsing, but since it seems to be holding, we're taking our chances running underneath it to get to the backyard. Thomas is loving playing baseball and soccer. Joshua has rediscovered the swing set and climbing structure. Drama continues to play a role in our household. The boys have discovered that if we ask them to do something, they can just flop to the ground and say, "It's too hard." While Dan and I find it comical and the boys go to great lengths to prove how difficult it is to get off the ground, we are making headway and the boys are realizing (slowly) that it's a losing battle.

What's going on with the house you ask? Well...nothing. Quite literally nothing. We put in our initial offer 2 weeks ago. A week ago they asked all the people who had made offers to make their highest offer. We did so and submitted it a week ago. We have not heard back yet. Even the seller (who is having to work through a bank because the house was foreclosed on) is having a difficult time communicating with the bank. We are expecting to hear back Monday or Tuesday, but are currently losing patience.

The boys turned 39 months in January. Because of utter exhaustion, I've been slow to take pictures, but finally got one tonight just to capture them this month.

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HJohnson said...

Jayd does the same thing--everything is too hard, or if I ask her to carry something it's too heavy-ha ha-I'm glad I'm not the only one going through that.