Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ice Skating

Today was a special day for the boys. Ba (aunt Kim) and daddy took them ice skating while I took pictures from the sidelines. The Butterfields met up with us and even Emma (15 months) skated too! The beginning was extremely rough as they just fell between the legs of whoever was skating with them, but towards the end, they were actually getting it. Hooray!!! At the end of an hour they were definitely done, but after some ice cream they were begging to go again. Next time we won't return our skates so quickly. The boys are already ready to go again.

We have been looking at houses with some intensity lately. We do go through these phases where we look at houses, and then back off. We DID find one that we really really like. Well, I really really like it, Dan says it's about 80%. Then again, Dan wasn't with me when I viewed about 20 houses, the majority of them smoke-filled or needing a complete remodel. We're looking at it again this afternoon and then will decide whether or not to make an offer. Such a big decision!

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