Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Boy are we excited to see 2009 roll around. This will be a great year for us! New Years Eve was a lot of fun too. Some of our best friends from Endicott came over to celebrate the night, Katie and Steve. We played pinochle while the kids ran around with each other. Thomas fell in love with Zoe (who is 6) and little Ben (who is 2) loved all of our fire trucks. The kids all lasted until about 10:00 PM, amazing sine the boys refused to take a nap that day! And we adults managed to last until 2 AM! WOW! It's only because we just don't get time together anymore and cherish the moments we get. The girls continued the running streak from pinochle and Dan showed his super powers in Balderdash. Can't wait for next year!!!

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