Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Joshua's Insight

Josh made Dan and I cry just a few nights ago and I wanted to write it down so we didn't forget it. I was putting away clothes and Dan was chatting with them on our bed. Dan was quizzing them to see if he knew the family tree, "Who's MY daddy?" and all the way up to great-grandparents. Joshua asked, "Where is Grandpa Lyle?" Dan repeated the question to clarify and Josh said, "Is Grandpa Lyle with Grandpa Don?" Grandpa Lyle is the boys only living great-grandfather, grandpa Don passed away just before the boys were conceived, but his pictures are up throughout the house and when the boys were little they would tell me that they could see him in a specific corner of the house and that he was here with us. It's very touching. Anyway, Dan explained to Josh that Grandpa Don is with Grandma Dolly in heaven. Josh said, "I like Grandma Dolly, we played the piano together." This happened once about a month before she passed away on a random stop to her apartment. It surprised us so much that he remembered. It shouldn't have. The minute Grandma Dolly passed away, Josh looked at Dan and said, "Bye bye Grandma Dolly." And a few minutes later we got the call. He's always been so insightful, but we are so proud of him for remembering not only the great grandparents he's met, but also those he has not met (in person).
Josh with great grandpa Lyle.

The boys with great grandma Dolly.

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Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

whew, that gave me chills. What an amazing little boy you have there. No wonder we love Joshua so much!