Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Daily Trials, Tribulations, and Joys

Yesterday we were so tired of being cooped up we went to Mobius for the morning. The boys had an absolute blast and it was so empty that I was able to just sit and watch them run from thing to thing. We were there nearly two hours...a record for us!

This morning was one of those mornings where I left a message with Dan on his phone stating that I was getting a job. Not that I'm real employable right now! : ) While helping Joshua in another room Thomas managed to totally destroy a silver ball ornament. He had a long session in the naughty chair while he watched me clean and vacuum it up. Not even minutes later I walk back in to find another ornament destroyed. This one was way worse. The boys' friend Harry had taken clear ornament balls and poured paint in them making a really neat design. Apparently Thomas decided "tapping" them with the extending wand of the vacuum cleaner would be neat. This caused the ornament to explode across the living room leaving dripping pink and white paint on the tv, carpet, Christmas tree, you name it. AUGH!

Luckily, we had an appointment downtown so we quickly packed up to get out. Getting to the appointment was no problem. By the time we left, however, it was heartily snowing. The office is about 10 minutes from our house. It took us just over an hour to get home, and we barely made it. NOTHING had been plowed or sanded so we slid everywhere. I promised the boys a candy cane if they would pray with me up Thor that we made it. The guy in front of me, reveling in his 4-wheel drive, took the hill at an even 20 mph. I, in my all-season wheeled van, rode his tail sliding up the whole way. It was a total mess.

Dan had his mole removed today. It was quite traumatic but he seems to have survived. His dad and uncle picked him up and drove his car home for him since he was drugged fairly well. It took them a good long while to get him home too. I think it's a combination of the mass traffic today with the weather.

The boys and I played in the snow and had a lot of time playing together. After our morning fiasco, it ended up being a really nice day! And no naps means they are both in bed crashed right now! Dan had to go to the store (I refuse to even try until I either get snow tires or the snow is cleared more) to get milk and bread to last a few days in case we can't get out like last year. I look out the window and he's shoveling under his car. Ok, neither of us should be shoveling, but I can control the contractions if I'm good, I cannot handle it if his stitches tear. Yuck! We shoveled and maneuvered the car. And I learned a trick from the news that newspaper is good works!! Dan got out! I have shoveled the rest of his spot so that when he gets back he'll have a huge spot to park in with little/no snow. Hopefully it helps in the morning...and hopefully he can get back home!

Tomorrow we are making cookies and playing in the snow. Maybe a short walk to the library, but that's our plans for the day. So far we have just over 8 inches outside. Our neighbor has shoveled once and I've now shoveled twice. Crazy Snow!

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Jeannette said...

OK pregnant lady, quit shoveling. You're making me nervous. If I lived closer I'd come over and help you, but I too drive a mini van with no snow tires and don't plan to leave until spring. Get back inside and put your feet up.