Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It's always such a crazy time of year, but this darned snow has really put a pinch on life!

Last night we hosted my parents for dinner and opened presents with them. This makes me really happy as Christmas Eve was present opening night for us growing up, so it felt right once again. The boys were super thrilled to get a cash register from grandma and grandpa and play-doh from greatma!

We were SO thankful to make it out this morning and make it to my in-laws! It only snowed around 10 inches, so Dan was able to shovel us out and get us on plowed roads quickly. My in-laws however haven't been plowed in who knows how long, so that road was rather treacherous. We got there just in time for the traditional Christmas breakfast. His siblings will tell you the best part is the home-made hollendaise (sp) sauce, I will tell you it's the tradition of having Cinnabons at breakfast! :) After breakfast the boys were itching to open presents. I knew some of what was coming, so I was excited to see their faces. Among Geo Trax, games, and stickers, there was the one present they've wanted forever. A drum set. Yes, a drum set. I knew they were getting it from Auntie Angie, Uncle J and Cousin Kierra, but they were so happy to open that thing! A highlight for Dan and I was getting Grandma Don and Grandma Dolly's old backgammon set. Hooray! We stayed and rested (both boys even took a nap!!!!!). The boys played a little "Tim Ton"=ping pong. Dan ran to Walgreens to refill my inhaler since I had regrettably left my purse containing it at home. We all sat down to an awesome dinner and enjoyed great company. Afterwards several people (not including myself) played Guesstures. Thomas and Joshua joined in on the fun and took several turns as well. Nothing cuter than watching a 3-year old try to get someone to say "triangle" or "belly button."

The holiday festivities are not even close to over yet. We will still see another side of Dan's family tomorrow, visit with some of my friends from high school on Saturday, and have my big family celebration (assuming my brother and family make it over from Seattle) on Sunday. Should be a fun, crazy weekend!

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