Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do We Have Enough Snow Yet?

Wow! Talk about tons of snow! Dan's car never made it home last night. It's parked at a friend's house awaiting the snow plows.....that won't arrive for days and days. I went out this morning and shoveled again. There is so much snow! I did as much as I could before starting to contract and having to quit. The boys came out and reveled in the amount of snow and crawled through the yard waist-high in snow. Everything was fine until at one end of the yard, Thomas lost a mitten and on the other end Josh lost a boot. To make matters worse, I signed "help" to Dan who was watching out the window and when he came out he fell down the stairs. Talk about a stellar moment of the morning. Dan is fine, just rapped his wrist on the metal railing and traumatized the sutures in his back a little bit. The boys are happily hanging out with mommy and daddy. We know of only one person attempting a drive to work this morning (Greg you are CRAZY!). 32nd street is eerily quiet, I've not seen a car on it all morning. This is an improvement from last year when we ALL attempted to leave and everyone one of us on the block took turns pushing each other out. Even Perry, which I believe is plowed, is only being driven on by 4-wheel trucks and some SUV's with chains. Here are a few pictures!


Carissalayla said...

I want snow...for day then I want it to melt so we can continue on w/our move!!!!
Looks like fun but serioulsy no more shoveling you are making me very nervous.

Domrese Family Blog said...

I know, I know. I'm getting it from everyone! I HAVE to shovel. There's like 3 feet of snow out there. We didn't even get our mail today because the mail carrier couldn't get through all of it. I stop as soon as I start contracting, so I've been ok so far. I'll sleep REALLY well tonight. AND it makes me REALLY hungry!