Monday, December 15, 2008

A Fulfilling End To A Day

Man it is COLD outside! Our sliding glass door now has ice caked on the inside of the door. The kitchen remains at a freezing 52 degrees. YIKES! We are working on solutions to fix this problem as it's COLD!

We had a great day. I attempted to more activities, reading, and cooking with the boys than normal. It definitely wore me out and by the time Dan got home I needed a couple hours to get the contractions to stop. No worries, the contractions are simply Braxton-Hicks and exactly the same as last time with the boys. They are a sign that I need to slow down and I listen to them religiously so it's easy to control. The boys both took a nap (although they tag-teamed it again meaning that Thomas slept from 1-3 and Josh slept from 3-5), but it was a nice quiet break. We discovered a Dora computer game online and since it's educational, both boys took quite a while exploring and playing. It was fun to hear them laughing together while playing computer.

When Dan got his new job I scheduled several appointments for him that he hadn't/wouldn't do in the past. He had a dermatology appointment last week just to get all his moles checked. At that appointment, they immediately did a biopsy on one. This completely freaked Dan out. He announced that in order to return to this doctor, he would need a reward (Scotch). Today I got a call with his results and a trip to the liquor store was then in order. Dan goes back in on Wednesday to get the entire mole removed. The biopsy came back atypical. Basically she told me that it is not yet cancerous, but left there it will become cancerous. They want it off now. I arrnaged his appointment for Monday as well as his prescription for Valium. Dan will seriously pass out on the table without some kind of medication on board. After this, we are hoping his dermatology days take a long vacation.

When Dan got home tonight it was Christmas tree time! The boys were ecstatic! It took several trips to the store (first for replacement bulbs, then just plain new sets of lights), but we finally got it all on. I think my favorite moment was watching Dan's eyes light up watching the boys. The boys had an absolute blast but it was Dan watching them that touched my heart the most.

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