Thursday, December 4, 2008

What A Rotten Week

It has just been a rotten week. I think the babies are growing, which means I'm not only expanding but exhausted as well. The boys have refused naps every single day, making for a mean mommy by the time daddy gets home. Instead of focusing on the grumpiness, here are some fun things we've done this week:

*We rode bikes to the library (meaning the boys rode bikes and then got tired about halfway home)
*We watched Christmas movies
*We made special home-made gifts to attach to Christmas presents (this included painting with acrylic paint which by the way does NOT come off seat cushions or the carpet very easily)
*We raked leaves outside and cleaned up the front yard
*We made gingerbread houses with our friends
*I introduced the boys to the world of Lite Brite. Ok, maybe I enjoyed it a little more, but it was fun!
*We watched a backhoe unload in front of the house. This might not mean much to the anyone else, but we spent nearly an hour watching the guys get it unloaded and move it around. It was a definite highlight of the day!

Enjoy the pictures from this week. My Christmas present arrived in the mail today, so I can finally give Jenn her camera back now that I have my own!

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Carissalayla said...

this sounds like a good week to me, you are a great mom!