Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally Out of the House

It's about time! The sun was shining, we had plans, it was time to get out of the house! Dad came over this morning and used the snow blower to clean up the driveway and parking spots. Then the boys and I TOOK OFF! First we met some of my highschool friends (whom I have actually known since I was 2 or 3 years old) and had lunch. It was so great to get together with lifelong friends and just sit and chat...of course it helps that our friends Korry and Suzy have 5 year old twins to keep the boys busy! :) After lunch we ran to Home Depot to look for screws for the changing table (long story short---when we took it apart, we managed to lose the screws...ugh). Home Depot didn't have any matches, so they sent us to Fasteners. This place is GREAT! They not only had a match, but the other guys working could see that my boys were losing it so close to naptime and offered them a cookie. The boys were happy from then on out! :) After securing the screws I promised the boys that if we COULD get to Northwest Seed and Pet, we WOULD. Last time I said this, the plows were in front of us creating huge berms, so we had to go home. This time, I attempted and succeeded! HOORAY! The boys were in hog heaven with a pig running around the store, seeing the alligator, and petting the doggies and kitties. It made me feel like a good mom because they were just SO happy! We then ran home and dad took my van and got me snow tires. Thanks dad! It was a great day! You forget how much you take for granted the ability to just leave the house and do errands until it's gone. We had a fantastic day!

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