Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Worries

Thought I'd post it out here as well as chatting with family and friends. We realized today that we are in trouble for shoveling this snow for the next 7-10 days. I can shovel a little bit, but start contracting after a fairly short period of time. Dan will have stitches in his back for 7-10 days and will be unable to shovel until they are removed. The doctor stated that sutures in the back tear easily and are painful to repair. Nice.

Here's my plea: If anyone wants to stop by and shovel our sidewalks/path to the garbage and car, we would be most thankful! Our upstairs neighbors shoveled for us today, but somewhat begrudgingly (I will keep asking them though until they flat out tell me no since they use the sidewalk too). My brother will come snow blow if absolutely needed as well. Give me a call in advance so I make sure I have cookies ready for you to take home in thanks! I can bake, I just can't shovel! :)

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Trippleaaa said...

Poor Amber. If I wasn't out in Greenacres, I would volunteer! I hope you get some help.