Saturday, November 29, 2008

Santa Pictures and Family Fun

As is the holiday tradition, this morning we met the Domrese side of the family and did a family photo with Santa. They started this back in the 1970's and we've continued the tradition with the whole family. The boys, while they sat very nicely, gave the cheesiest smiles. Oh well!

My family arrived shortly after as we've carried the tradition into my family as well. My brother and his family are in town visiting from Seattle so it was the perfect timing. This picture is only with the cousins. It is SOOOOO difficult getting 8 kids ages 5 and under to take a picture and all look at the camera. I can only imagine next year will be a nightmare with 10 kids. :) Again, cheesy smiles, but cute with all the cousins. You can definitely tell who belongs to whom!

We went to Mobius briefly afterwards to run off some steam and then ran home for a rest time...meaning mommy took a 2 hour nap while the boys played with daddy. Thanks Dan! We then went out to my brother's house for dinner and visiting while all the cousins ran around together. I imagine my mom, dad, and grandma thought their houses were pretty quiet after this experience. :) Like the day wasn't long enough we managed to stop by Dan's uncle house where it is "Game Night." This happens on a regular basis where all available cousins, aunts, uncles, etc gather for games. It's such a great family bonding experience. The boys and I stayed for a bit and watched a game of Trivial Pursuit and Liar's Dice before leaving daddy and heading home for bed. I'm pretty sure I'm more tired than the boys at this point, but I hear their movie ending, so it's off to bed we all go!
Joshua, Thomas (red plaid shirts)
Taylor (black dress w/ red dots), Sawyer (Santa's lap), Jamison (far right red shirt)----belong to my brother Eric
Macey (front left, white shirt), Natalie (Santa's lap), Abby (white shirt on right)----belong to my brother Adam


Carissalayla said...

so cute, who is who in hte cousin's picture?

Domrese Family Blog said...

I did a little labeling...does that help? Basically the girls in green/white are Adam's, and the three in red are Eric's, plus my boys on top. :) Having 10 kids in the picture next year might prove to be quite the challenge!