Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Day at Endicott School

What a great day! We got a late start, but overall, we had a great time. We drove down to Endicott (for those of you who don't know, that's where I use to teach) and started by visiting with some friends. Hannah is 4 and Issac is 2, the boys had a blast playing with them and almost opted to stay there instead of going to school with me! For lunch we had sloppy joes, one of my favorite school lunches. The boys enjoyed the apples and cookies a bit more. They then got to go to recess with all the "big kids." Then I got to visit alone with some of my good friends! HOORAY! After lunch we went back to Katie's room for some buddy reading. The boys were trying so hard to be a part of the class and generally followed directions. After that the 1st & 2nd graders did a book share. Thomas watched about 3 and then grabbed a math book from someone's desk and decided he wanted to do a book share too. :) He showed the cover (like the big kids) and explained the picture on the front. When asked his favorite part, he opened to a page with dominos and showed the class. It was REALLY cute! I had a hard time convincing them that they weren't old enough to join the K-2 music class and that it was time to head home. They were sure it was time for them to continue schooling! :) It makes me think that they might do ok in preschool if I decide to put them in in January. Thanks for visiting with us!!!!

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