Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's been a crazy week of Halloween playdates and busy activities. Both kids are under the weather, and I've just joined them. Hopefully we spend the weekend at home recuperating.

The boys had a great Halloween (I think). :) We started this morning with a doctor appointment for Thomas. Thomas has whatever Josh had last week. We went directly to Grandma Patti's office and made the rounds in costume. Joshua is the cutest skunk ever. Thomas could be cute if he kept his costume on for more than 30 seconds at a time! We then went to Ba's office (Aunt Kim) and got MORE candy! Thomas was feeling pretty crummy at this point. We ran to daddy's office and had lunch with him. During lunch, daddy and Thomas ran to Walgreens and got some Motrin...THEN Thomas felt better! After lunch, the boys and mommy had a pleasant (and by that I mean irritating) unscheduled stop for a blood draw for mommy. This was the longest hour wait EVER! Luckily the boys did alright, but at the end, we were all losing it. This meant we could go home for a nice long rest time...right? WRONG! No nap! The boys refused to even sit still. So I gave up and we just played. Then at 4:00 (20 minutes before going to pick up daddy) both boys passed out. I managed to dress them both and get them in the car while still sleeping. They both took a nice long nap on the way to pick up daddy. We visited greatma during her dinner, great-grandma and great-grandpa (during their dinner) and then went to the mall for some quick indoor trick or treating. We ended with a short jaunt around our neighborhood to the people we knew would want to see the boys. We are now home and exhausted. It's time for Halloween to be over!

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