Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Weather Has Arrived

Yup, it's fall. I don't mind fall changes, but I am not fond of the cooler weather. It's so much more of a pain to get the boys layered up and then readjust their car seats so that they fit with the bulky sweaters and jackets.

This week we enjoyed our final days with daddy before he went to work. On our last day, Wednesday, we went up to Greenbluff and got pumpkins. The boys enjoyed this thoroughly and each got 3 pumpkins. Dan and I got our own as well. We started the carving process last night and will hopefully finish tonight or tomorrow.

Yesterday the boys had a birthday party with their friends. It was pretty enjoyable to watch them run around and socialize. They really are getting older. Thomas' favorite gift was the Cars movie. He had just started asking for it on Wednesday and it was all we could do to convince him to wait for his birthday. He's watching it right now and we watched it twice yesterday.

Here are some pictures from the pumpkin patch and decorating pumpkins!

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