Monday, October 6, 2008

A Busy Monday

Breakfast with grandpa this morning was a real treat. Joshua was just coming off of his breathing treatment which leaves him like a kid on speed. It's quite the experience at home let alone in public. Thomas, of course, fed off of this and I ate as much as I could as quickly as I could and got out of there! :)

We then went to a Mommy and Me playdate at a friend's house. The boys had an absolute blast. Thanks for having us over Kari! There were lots of kids and lots of moms and we all had a great time. Thomas even surprised me by finding a bathroom and going by himself and washing his hands. It's a big step for him to go without me even asking him! HOORAY!

After the playdate, we picked up Dan and went to McDonald's with grandma. The boys again were very busy, but did great. We were quite certain they would crash and take a great nap, but we were totally mistaken. Today was a no nap day. And to my surprise, here it is 8:20 PM and they are still awake!

Dan had his 2nd interview for the City of Spokane Valley today. We are very excited about this job. It is between him and one other person. Say a quick prayer tonight for us! He also got a call back from WSU. That job is also between him and another person. We're hoping for a good call tomorrow or Wednesday!

All in all, a very busy Monday.

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