Monday, October 20, 2008

6 Kids...1 Living Room

Tonight was our scheduled night to hang with the nieces (Abby-5, Macey-3, Natlalie- 6 months) while her parents played some Volleyball. Our friend, Jenn, also called needing someone for Harry (3) as well. Everyone arrived at the same time, and wow, 6 kids in one living room. The good thing is that we still had all the birthday toys out, so the kids were all thoroughly entertained with the new toys. However, Dan and I have decided that 4 is enough. We are exhausted. And the idea of that constant activity and noise is just a little too overwhelming. :) Here's the best picture I could get of all 6 kids tonight.

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The Butterfields said...

C'mon, I know you really want to have 6 kids!! Tell Dan, thats just one more pregancy after this!! hehe... j/k! Thanks again SO much for watching Harry, can't wait for dessert night!