Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Days Fly By

The days just fly by. I'm too tired to really post that often; plus I'm just getting a handle on Jenn's camera so it's taken a while to get the hang of uploading pictures with this camera. :) It's been extremely busy lately. We are enjoying Dan's last few days at home before he reenters the workforce. I took the boys to a petting zoo last weekend where they got to ride a horse all by themselves. That was pretty fun to watch! We took them bowling this week and they had a blast! We are pretty much potty-trained aside from a few accidents every so often. Thomas has finally decided to poop on the potty, so that is a big relief for us! We've not attempted to night train yet, but will again wait for the signs they are ready and embark on that adventure as well. The boys have almost fully given up their afternoon nap (much to my demise). If they nap, they are up until nearly 11:00 PM playing in their room. This is no good for us either. With Dan home, he's been taking them during their naptime hours and playing with them while I rest. Not sure what will happen once he goes back to work! That's all I can remember from around here. I'll try and get better pictures and be more on top of this blogging thing! I'm a couple weeks away from being done with the first trimester, then I expect more energy to return!

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