Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Nice Fall Weather Continues

This week has been beautiful. I love summer. Not just a little bit, but a lot! I already miss my shorts and 90 degree weather. Don't get me wrong, fall is one of my favorite seasons too, but first I have to mourn the end of a short short summer. We've spent this week playing outside and getting as much time in the yard and at parks as possible. My friend Jenn was nice enough to loan me her camera, so once I figure out the uploading process, I'll be back in the pictures!

Dan and I are amazed at how much the boys have grown this summer. They have left toddlerhood and are now little boys. Thomas is obsessed with football and wants daddy to tackle him all the time...all the time. Joshua is becoming more social and is involved in absolutely everything. "Why?" is something is asks ALL THE TIME! They have real conversations with each other, show real empathy for other people and things, and love their mommy. :)

A conversation from the car today: "I love you daddy," from Josh. "I love you too Josh," daddy replied. "I love you too daddy," Thomas wants in too. "I love you right back buddy," daddy says, "I love you both the same." Josh realizes he wants more, "But daddy, I poop in the potty." Let the competition begin. :)

**I forgot to add that Dan is currently in Pullman interviewing for a job. The great news is that our "dream job" for him called back for a second interview. We are praying that this is the job for him.

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The Cofield's said...

Good luck with the job interview!!! Is it with WSU? Too bad we are not in the area still, how great it could have been! NKOTB should be great fun, I did not even know they were still togheter!!!