Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Busy Weekend...Do I Always Say That???

I took Josh into the doctor on Friday. His fever took place from Tuesday to Thursday. The rash started on Wednesday. When I called early in the week about the rash, they said it was probably heat rash from the fever. After it spread across his face, I began to worry more. Turns out, he wasn't contagious and it was just part of the virus he had. We figure Thomas and Joshua (and cousins) all had it and just reacted differently. Josh is doing better, the rash is long gone. Now he's moved on to a cough and runny nose. Neat.

Another busy weekend has passed us by. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of the holiday season, so the busy weekends are just beginning. On Saturday, I was exhausted after getting up at 5:30 AM with cranky boys. I let Dan sleep in, so in repayment, he took the boys to Manito where they gathered chestnuts and ran out all that energy. A short nap later, we went to cousin Macey's 3rd birthday party. Macey was born 6 days after the boys, so it's been really fun to watch them grow together. The highlight of the party for the boys was getting a motorcylcle ride with Uncle Adam. This was a reward we had promised for pooping on the potty. My thought was that they would ride in FRONT of Adam. You can imagine our shock when he placed the boys (one at a time) behind him and took off. Dan finally said, "I am super freaked out, and I can tell by looking at you that you are more freaked out than I am!" Hehehehe. I have to say that we are pretty loose parents when it comes to letting our kids explore new things, but this one had us both on edge. Both boys did great and said they really enjoyed the ride.

Today was yet another busy day. We started off with the usual rush to get to church. We tried to get the boys to vary from routine and go to the pancake feed afterwards, but they insisted we get our usual doughnuts and juice. We gave in and the boys were further encouraged when we pulled into Albertsons (with the best doughnuts on the South Hill) and a fire truck pulled in next to us. The boys ran right over to the fire fighters, shook their hands and promptly got put on to the firetruck. They were in heaven. After doughnuts, the boys and daddy went outside to rake leaves. Joshua was obviously feeling crummy, so we all took naps...I napped with Joshua for 2 hours, Dan napped with Joshua for two hours. Joshua took a 4 hour nap!!! Thomas decided he didn't need a nap today and played all afternoon. After naptime, we went to the Shefflers for dinner and cards. The boys always love playing with their twins (Ethan and Eva- age 5) and Spencer (age 1). They even pet Buddy the dog!!! A first, since they normally scream and cry at the sight of this little weiner dog. :) Halfway through the second game of pinochle (a game in which we girls were kicking some booty!), Joshua's breathing took a turn for the worse and we packed up and headed home. After a breathing treatment, Joshua is doing fine. This always happens when he gets a cold. We just need to carry the nebulizer a little better.

This week shall prove to be busy with Halloween parties and lots of fun activities! It's fun (yet exhausting) having three year olds!

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