Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sick Kids= Tired Mommy

Well, the past few days have just been a blur. Tuesday evening the boys woke up from naps all weird and funky. Thomas was really lethargic and wouldn't wake up. When I took his temperature (about 100 times) it showed 93.4 degrees. I quickly warmed him up and gave him Motrin and his temp went straight to 101 degrees. This prompted me to check Joshua who was at 101 degrees also. Ugh. Joshua has since woken up every 2 hours crying from dreams or just from being sweaty from the fever. This has made for a very tired mommy. I think/hope the fevers finally broke today. The boys are both still crabby and unhappy, but hopefully we are on the road to recovery. I, on the other hand, needed a nice break and received one this evening. I left around 7:00 and went to dessert with my good friend, Jenn. We then walked around the mall (a rare treat for me) and enjoyed chatting and shopping. Woo-hoo! I just walked in the door, the kids are asleep and my shows are taped. I'm off to catch up on Survivor and Grey's Anatomy (both of which Dan watched without me which means he is officially HOOKED!). :)

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