Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Rough Weekend

Guard weekends are always rough. Dan is gone all day, and being so exhausted, it's pretty difficult. Last night, Joshua's runny nose turned into something more. His breathing became labored. I pulled him into bed with me to monitor and watch him. After about 2 hours (at about 1:30) I finally gave in and used his last breathing treatment and dosed him with some Benadryl and Motrin to see if it helped. He finally fell into a fretful sleep around 4:30 AM. This morning, we called in a refill on the medicine and had doughnuts at Albertsons. This is our weekly ritual. Today, we've been really lazy, in fact I'm back in my pajamas. Joshua is exhausted and Thomas always likes to cuddle. We've watched movies, read books, and colored and that's about it. I finally turned on the heat so their room should get nice and toasty and hopefully we can all take a nice long nap. I'm so glad tomorrow is Monday. :)

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