Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting Caught Up

Because it was so crazy around their birthday, I neglected to do the regular birthday appointments. The 3-year check-up, 3-year pictures, and a dentist appointment.

On Tuesday (because Dan was off) we went and got their pictures taken. They turned out alright. Joshua, generally very photogenic, decided to be squirmy and was difficult to get a good picture. Thomas, generally camera-shy, decided to follow directions and flash his pearly whites. I guess I'll never totally figure out my kids.

This morning, we had the boys 3-year check-up. Thomas weighs 33 pounds (55%) and is 40 1/4" tall (above 95%). Joshua is 31 pounds (50%) and 38 3/4" tall (75%). Thomas is slowly creeping away from Joshua, but based solely on eating habits, I'd say Josh might be about to go through a little growth spurt. The boys did great during the appointment. Thomas never shut up. That kid just talked and talked the poor doctor's ear off. It happened to be their favorite doctor, so Thomas took the whole appointment to tell him everything he ever needed to know. The doctor at one point asked me if Joshua even talked because Thomas wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise. It was pretty cute. We will make an appointment shortly for Joshua to get checked for color-blindness. My dad is 100% colorblind and sees only grays. Joshua responds to some colors the same way as dad, so I figure it's better to know before he goes to school and gets in trouble for not knowing his colors.

Both boys got the flu shot. This was a big discussion in our house this year. Dan got the flu shot when he was just under 2 and became very very sick (as in paralyzed from the neck down). They can't say whether it was that strain of the flu shot or not, but he was, at the time, the youngest person to survive Guillain Barre syndrome. We decided that the flu shot has evolved and that because I'm pregnant and they are so young, we all need the flu shot this year. The boys did great. Thomas went first and cried and cried. Then walked out in the hall with the nurse to get a sticker while Joshua got his. Joshua looked at me, "Mommy, someone poked me." I nearly burst out laughing. The nurse could not find the injection site because Joshua had stayed so still and calm through the whole shot. He never cried, just was ticked that someone had poked him without first getting his consent. Both boys got stickers and a goody bag and were perfectly happy.

Next week we go to the dentist. Last time they really liked it. We'll see if it's the same this year.


Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

I love that picture of the boys! Adorable! You're so lucky to get good photos!

Carissalayla said...

Amber you have been holding out on me! I just started a blog, so confused so it's a little odd now but I added you to my blogs I like, hope that's okay!