Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eagles Basketball Game

Last weekend we took the boys to the Eastern Washington University Eagles basketball game. We do this once a year because, as alumni, we get free tickets and it seems like an easy night out as a family. Before we went to the game, we hit the Saturday evening Mass. This is normally not a big deal, but Thomas took it upon himself to find every quiet moment of church to exclaim he was attending a basketball game that evening. At least most people find it endearing. Before the game they have a great kids set up. This made our night. Thomas was having a tough time understanding that we were going to WATCH a basketball game, he would not be participating. The kids area had lots of events for him to do, including dribbling through some cones and shooting, and slam dunking a basketball. It was all very cute and the boys got lots of prizes. All in all, it was a great night and a great game. Dan says next year, he's not going....I think he's scared.

The boys had their speech evaluation this week as well. Our pediatrician decided that he wanted them to get checked. It cracks me up a little because the only reason he decided this was necessary was because Joshua chose that 5 minutes of the day to be silent. Joshua, my kid who never EVER shuts his mouth. The speech evaluation was fun to watch. Joshua decided to be the talkative one and Thomas decided to be difficult. Both boys were decided to be in the normal range for speech. We will go back in 6 months to confirm that they are getting better and better, but Dan and I aren't real concerned.

We also realized this week that the boys have concocted their own language. We looked for this as babies and toddlers, but didn't see any real evidence. They've always had their strong connection and been able to communicate very well nonverbally. However, this week, I observed an entire conversation in their own language. It was really interesting. Sometimes if they are really angry or feeling funny they'll use it on me or a random stranger. They find it hilarious. Me? Not so much. Although it is pretty cute.

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